Grandpa Karl in his Grand Rapids furniture design studio


CIRCA STUDIO, LLC is a Detroit and New York City-based design house, providing interior design and space planning services as well as custom home furnishings.  

I have been in the art and design industries for over 20 years and have worked with many amazing clients like Red Bull North America, B.R. Guest Hospitality and Urban Architecture, Inc., in addition to a number of private residential clients.  

Growing up I was surrounded by a lot of creative talent.  My Grandfather, Karl F. Schmidt (pictured to the left in his studio), a furniture designer,  designed and built the California Ranch style home that both my grandparents and later my own family lived in for 40 years. My Aunts Margie and Ginnie, antique collectors and dealers, owned an antiques store, Circa Gallery, the namesake of my own company.  As a small child my world was suffused by the scent of pipe tobacco and blue print ink (my father, Richard Schmidt, was an architect and civil engineer), and my earliest impressions of the world were Mid Century Modern furniture, cocktail hour and the smell of garlic and onions cooking in butter.  

Whatever project I endeavor, I am always influenced by the wealth of style, artistry and robust living that were the fabric of my family life.  I aspire to create for my clients this same feeling of happiness and comfort in the spaces I design for them.

 Karl Schmidt

 Circa Studio